Ever owned or played a "famous" drum set?


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I got to play Curt Bisquera's DW kit that he donated to the Fender museum in Corona CA. It was the backline kit.

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Done and done. So which vid (on IG) has the one with Nick's kit in it?
The two most recent videos are on his kit. One is rehearsing with The Rhythm Coffin, the other is Marilyn Manson stuff. Also if you look at the videos from June 8 & 9 also doing Marilyn Manson, those are also on Nick's kit.


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You do know that The Snake was Hal Blaine's first recording using his monster kit... :)
I had my suspicions it was him, nice to know the great man had new toy syndrome like the rest of us mere mortals.

I can imagine the session, guys I've got this fill........


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Wow, that's really cool. Do you know how long he had owned it before you got it?
He was a DW endorsee at the time, so the kit was built for him and his recording/touring kit from Oasis between 2001-2003 - I think. It’s on all the gigs from that period that have made it to YouTube.

It’s stamped inside September 2001 and it had been in storage for about 12 years before I got it.

Quite cool it’s been all over the world in that time and I used to drool over it as an 18 year old wishing one day to own a kit like it.

Still pinching myself I now own it!


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Two Oasis kits to be had for UK buyers at www.drumshop.co.uk They had more, including some Catalina Clubs but they’re down to two now including this one that was used when recording the What’s The Story album.

Click on the next product button on the top right to see the other Oasis kit.


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I played a huge heavy brass snare that previously belonged to Paul Bostaph. Apparently the studio owner was friends with him, and Paul brought the snare in, and ended up trading it instead of cash. Funny part about that is, that was a very nice snare, and for the project, I didn't end up using it, instead most tracks were recorded with a super cheap Tama steel snare that came with a 90's Rockstar kit. The remainder of the tracks were done using that ridiculously nice gifted Black Beauty.


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One of my friends, a drummer I gig with, owns a Yamaha kit that was formerly owned by Keith Carlock - he let me sit down and play it one night while setting up for a gig. I'm not sure that counts though - it wasn't Keith's kit anymore, it was Jay's.

Another drummer friend of mine had a whole set of cymbals that had been given to him by Dennis Chambers - pretty sure I got to play on some of those when I was taking some lessons from him. (not Dennis, but Marty)

I'm not sure either of those really count.


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1 famous set and 2 sets belonging to famous drummers...

I set up and played Ed Shaughnessy’s Ludwig set. I was maybe 19 and Ed was giving a clinic at the shop I worked at. He was nice enough to compliment me on how close I got it to his liking. I knew his set from Modern drummer and studied it before I set it up...lol. I set it up because he was delayed flying in and didn’t have a tech available. I only tapped on it before he arrived to make sure things were secure. He was kind enough to let me play it after the clinic. One of my favorite drum experiences just because he was great and enthusiastic about my interest.

I played Bobby Rocks Sonor HiLite set and Dennis Chambers’ Pearl set. I think Dennis’ set was the MLX line.

That Sonor kit was unbelievably punchy and loud. Power Tom sizes. He played so hard that all the batter heads were shot after one set.