Ever been asked to "rate" yourself?


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My grandmother would sometimes ask people, "Have you ever been to Africa?" If they said, "No", she would say, "Well then, let me tell you about it."

Midnite Zephyr

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Rate myself? Sure thing. One of the very best among the shittiest drummers, and one of the very worst among the really great drummers. Combine those two scales and I'm a solid 5. If I then toss in some outsized and unchecked ego, which no doubt I have a ton of, I can push up pretty hard against an almost-6.

See there? Piece of cake!
I don't know, Mike, you're at least a step higher than me and I gave myself a solid 6. (But I didn't account for unchecked, outsized ego, so that may have something to do with my high score.)


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I think that on a good day, I'm a solid 2.

I can keep time. I tend to stay out of the other guys way, I think I tend to stay within my ability and not try to do too much and look foolish.

There are soooo many technical things that I cannot accomplish. I used to get pretty down on myself when I'd go out to the local clubs and hear one of my buddies ripping it up. I finally decided, like someone else mentioned, to be the best "me" that I can be and to stop worrying about what I can't do.

Which is fortunate, because there's an awful lot that I can't do :)

The guys in my band seem happy with what I do, and many of the folks in the local circuit pump me up a little. I guess I don't suck, at least not completely.