Evacuating practice space due to gas


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My dog was laying down next to me while I was practicing and let out a nasty SBD. Stung the eyes and smelled like dog food and hot sauce.

I had to evacuate the area.

Do you evacuate your practice space when it smells bad or do you play on to prepare yourself if the same situation happens in a performance setting?


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I ate a lot of salad and veggies last night for dinner. I hope this doesn't impact my playing (or anyone else's) this morning.


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I have two litter boxes in my practice room :|

When I played guitar in bands in high school I let one fly, mid-song, while standing behind a fan blowing into the room the rest of the guys were in. We didn't finish that song.


its usually me that does the SBD but i have my fans behind me and they blow the dealy gasses at the guitar player so i dont care hehehe


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lol...it's not the subject itself, but the possibilities that it has in the glorious world of visual art

Jeremy Bender

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Ever try playing a nursing home that smells like Bengay and piss? I wanted to wash myself and my gear with a firehouse after that.