Established Chicago indie band needs drummer


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Hey! We do indie pop and we need a new drummer (male age 21-27) who's ready to tour and put out records. Below is our soundcloud with some tracks. If you or someone you know may be interested, send us a message (or comment below) with your name, musical background and some samples of your work. We've already got a lot planned for 2016, so this is definitely a big opportunity to jump on.

Thanks for your time!


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Sorry man, I didn't offer much of a "hi". Admittedly I'm not a drummer, but as a bassist, I love getting down and dirty with a good grove, so I respect the shit out of drummers.

Hope everyone's doing well!


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I'm a big pop fan and enjoyed your stuff. Some old hooks, some new hooks, some clever approaches to make old hooks sound fresh and new.

Good stuff.

Peace, love, and goodwill.