End Of Range Gear - Best Deal


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I've noticed with many different products be it drums, stereo's / speakers, Remote Control Planes and iPhones that the companies have picked up that people are often obsessed with getting the latest and greatest and keep releasing new products telling you how much better they are than the last one knowing that X % of people will believe it and "Upgrade" selling near as damn it the same product a 2nd and often a 3rd, 4th and 5th time to the same person. The manufacturer's then sell off the old stock cheaply to get rid of it all sometimes at hugely discounted prices so they're not left with unwanted stock, I think they also do it occassionally where they've produced too many and want to clear then out.

I've learnt over time though with drums / cymbals (and many other goods) they've been so good for so long making them sound better is like trying to re-invent the wheel and they really aren't any better at all, I prefer my 30 year old paiste 2002's to my newer cymbals'

I've realised this and I bought near as damn it this exact same snare


For £230 a year and a bit ago !!

My Yamaha Custom Birch Absolute, if you went into a shop and ordered one it'd be £2500, I payed £1000 for an ex display, that's ex display NOT Ex Demo so nobody had ever played it.
Some music shops will buy end of range bulk off of the manufacturers who sell a large quantity to one retailer who then knocks them out cheap, I've had a Zildian A Custom Crash, they were retailing for £230 in most places at the time and picked one up for £168, My paiste 2002 Hats are normally nearly £300, I managed to get mine for £169 and I picked up a 20" AAX Stage Ride for £123 which are normally about £230 and a Mapex Brich Kit for £500 with upgraded skins instead of £700.

I'd be interested to hear what end of range deals others have been able to pick up on.