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as i've said before...there are STILL emo drummers out there looking for that RIGHT reso head for their 16' floor tom. :) :)

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Just about any, and every generation has their own time period version of "emo" .... people between the ages 17 - 25, no matter what decade you were of ... that age, and the "specific turmoils" of being young, confused, vulnerable ... and you make a connection to a specific music artist that "makes it real" ....​
People said the same thing about Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Stones, Alice Cooper, R.E.M., U2, Rage Against The Machine, NIN, Marilyn Manson, the list is endless ....​
Well ... I don't think any one from Motley Crue claim to be master musicians ... they're "Rock Stars" ... entertainers .... pure and simple. Sold millions of albums and been on lord knows how many world tours. You may not like their music, but they are the real deal. When Nikki Sixx OD'd on heroin, died, and was revived by the tenacious efforts of an EMT .... that's about as "keeping it real" as it gets ....and Whitesnake ..... David Coverdale what, hit the scene as lead singer for Deep Purple (at age 23), started Whitesnake in 1978 .... John Sykes, Steve Vai, Vivian Campbell, Adrian Vandenburg ... just some of the guitarists ..... Cozy Powell, Aynsley Dunbar, Tommy Aldridge, Denny Carmassi all sitting behind the drum kit at one time, or another. Maybe no Terry Bozzio polyrhythms abounding, but these cats certainly have musical credential.​
You make valid points, Harry. And I must also give you props for your elaborate encoding or whatever you call it lol. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to quote you without the pics hahahaha.

I've never doubted the musical ability of musicians who play the "emo" of their generation, and you mentioned numerous musicians who I greatly admire!

Where I have issues is in the marketing. It really comes down to a pet peeve of mine. I believe in music as catharsis, and I hold the concept of catharsis in very high regard. I also believe that honesty is the best and truest avenue to arrive at catharsis. So when I see bands making their music behind a false image, especially music that deals so closely with emotions, I tend to become a bit incensed.

I blame capitalism lol