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Hi all i have converted one of my accoustic kits into an electronic kit with ddrum triggers and a roland drum module. My question is can i then run that through my laptop to generate and have more control over my sounds. I'm not sure if this is possible but any suggestions will be greatfully received.

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your roland module should have a midi out port on it. you could get midi cables and connect them to one of those midi-to-usb adapters and send the midi signals into your computer. you could get ez drummer, bfd, or similar drum software to convert the midi signals into drum sounds. i've never tried this myself, but i believe that's basically what can be done.


Yes, if you have a midi port you can connect to your PC.

I use this m-audio device that connects to my USB on my pc.
This has a midi point but more as well. Like recording with mikes or you could record from the triggers thru MIDI to the PC.

The next thing would be software on the PC. I use Ableton LIVE but that may be overkill to get started. Some of the midi hardware devices come with software to get started with.

hope this helps.