Effect Help Needed


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One of my favorite songs by A Perfect Circle is the Noose. What I like about it is how the song is always consistantly building...mainly the drums. What I have not been able to figure out is how he got that drum sound in the beginning of the song before it switches to his full kit sound. It almost sounds as if he is using a completely different kit, and if this is the case, how would one pull that same effect off in a live performance?

My guess is it is the sound mans work, but I would like to know how to duplicate such an effect cause it sounds just so frickin cool! I know when I recorded the engineer cracked the door to the room I was in and had a mic placed in the hallway that kind of resembled this sound when played back by itself, but that wouldn't be possible in a live situation I wouldn't think. We are not covering this song, by the way, but I think if I could figure out how to copy that sound that I could use it in our own material we are writing and playing.

Any and all imput would be great...even if it's to tell me it can't be done live. Thanks.