Ed Shaughnessy playing with Jimi Hendrix


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Rough audio but some great stuff in there. Too bad there is no video but, as some of us know, the world did exist before the internet.

What else did Ed do other than the show?


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Great find, Anthony!

@Toolate- He played and recorded with a boatload of top artists (outside of their appearing on The Tonight Show). I've heard stuff he did stuff with Benny Goodman, Teddy Charles and Oliver Nelson. I can't put my finger on more than one or two recordings. But I know I've heard him on dozens.


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Watched a few videos of him on YT last night and he has a great sense of humor it seems too. Going to try to watch all I can and just see what he is all about- my teacher Anthony says so and I think he's right in that we all could learn from Ed.


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Thanks for sharing this Anthony. I've been checking out some of his playing since he was brought up on the "household names" thread, and I didn't find anything remotely like this...loved that crisp ending when the amp blew. That's a guy who knows what to do.