E-Drum Amp, Speaker advice


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I recently got myself an electrionic drumset . Needless to say I am a newbie when it comes to playing an e-drum kit. Currently I use a set of headphones as the output and I am looking for advice on what kind of drum amp, PA system, speakers etc would be best to go with if i want to play the e-drums simultaneously along with a song? Someone had suggested i go with studio monitors but i read that it may not pick up the drum sound too well, I tried my guitar amp and it is god awful when i play the drum kit with the song.



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I would look into a decent keyboard amp. Nothing too big. Keyboard amps are full-ranged, so it should give you a good, balanced sound.


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Thanks!! sounds like Simmons DA200S can handle simultaneous e-drum and MP3 input... I am only looking to use it for practicing at home. Also, thanks for the keyboard amp suggestion. At this point I am debating between getting the Simmons DA200S or one of suggested PA speakers (Mackie, Peavey, Yamaha etc) sounds like both are good options; however with the PA system i can have multiple use.


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+1 on the Simmons DA200S recommendation. I use it with my Roland TD-9 kit and it plays plenty loud and the sound quality is quite good for the money spent and the space consumed. I also jack my iPod into it and play along with music on my acoustic set. There too it has no problem providing good volume, enough to match the Sonors without straining in my 40' x 40' drum cave

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Mine sound good thru my PA (Mackie 1530)

In comparison, the Roland PM 30 I originally bought sucks donkey balls. I just use it as a wedge monitor now.