DW performance series 12x14 floor tom


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So I'm thinking about getting a used performance series kit. Great price, but it was wondering if anyone had any experience with the 12x14 floor Tom I'm skeptical so seeing what you guys think. I would rather have a 16 inch and I would hate to have to go buy one after the fact because it really wouldn't be in my budget. Tell me what you think guys!

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Hello Jay,

For what it's worth, I have a 12x14 floor tom and I love it. It's nice and punchy and tuned low it has a great 'thud'. For my ear, I prefer the tone of this drum than a deeper 14 inch floor tom.

My drum sizes are 14x20 bass, 13x15 floor, 12x14 floor, 8x12 tom on a snare stand and 5x15 snare.


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..was wondering if anyone had any experience with the 12x14 floor Tom I'm skeptical so seeing what you guys think..
I have a PDP 14x12 floor tom. It has the STM mount, so it's a suspended tom. It is a good sounding drum.

When I play just my 16FT as a "one down" set up I prefer it to the 14. I have seen and heard many guys use this drum as a floor and it is a viable choice. If you want thuddy low and low then look elsewhere.

I eventually cut mine down to a 14x9.5 so the deepest it could be with having to clear the previous lug holes to drill for the smaller size. Now it is my Bonzo rack tom.

It is a versatile drum but if want that low boom look for a PDP Concept or Performance series shell pack that has the 16.

Hope this helps.


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I have a DW Performance Series kit with a 12x14 floor tom. When I ordered them, I wasn't so sure that I'd like the 14" and figured I might end having to order a 16". I was pleasantly surprised that the 14" will go very deep with a better sound than some of the larger floor toms I've heard. In fact, the entire kit (the rest of my toms are 8", 10" and 12") will tune pretty low and still retain a very nice sound if you want them to. I use Remo clear Emperors on the batters and am still using the DW clear single-ply heads on the resos.


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I used to have a Cx maple kit with a 12x14. I actually liked this drum better than the square 14x14 Renown I replaced it with. The shorter drum had a more controlled sustain. With the square one, I had to tune the reso up to keep it from boinging for days. The Cx would let me tune the reso down and get a nice deep attack with just the right amount of sustain.


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I'm playing a 70s gretsch stop sign badge(14x22,12,16) which are wrapped and got a gretsch renown 10 wrapped to match and a 14x14. Some days I love the 14 I put an ambassador snare side head on the reso side just a little thinner than the diplomat and when it's right it BOOMS! But not in all rooms, it doesn't stay in tuned well, the 16 when it's right is thunderous. I like tuning to the lowest fundamental pitch. And this is kind of a curve ball but I can go with a design series that is 10,12,16,22, but for the same price I can get a performance in 10,12,14,22 I'm not going to have the opportunity to play them before buying which is fine they're both great kits. So pretty much the plan is to sell off the renown drums take the gretsch kit back to original to use with my country band and a 5 piece DW to use with my blues/funk band. Also thank you everyone for the input, please keep it coming!


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I have a design series with the 16" and honestly i would rather have the 14" the 16 is way too boomy and deep.
I have the floor Tom you describe. I think you'll be happy with it. I love mine. I go with Aquarian heads so I slapped a Focus X on it and it's wonderful.


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You said it yourself, you'd rather have a 16. The rest of the info is a sidetrack. You won't be satisfied until you have a 16. Even if you like the 14, you'll always be wondering about the 16.

Listen to yourself.