DW Performace or C&C


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Hi !

Funny coincidence, started an earlier one on the same topic. Ended up getting a 22-10-12-14-16 performance which I absolutely love for heavier settings (one up two down though [12-14-16]. Sold my Pearl masters 1998 power toms for a great buncha loot and bought a c&c player date 2 bebop a year later.

Thoughts: the performance is a beast. Skinned it with vintage emperors tuned low and they are thunderous. Got to hit them with passion though. Focused is the word according to my short experience.

The c&c's though, are a different monkey. Tuned low, low they go. Medium are awesome. High, they will transcend high. Warm, musical, lovely sounding, they are the go-to guys.

If i had one kit, i' sell the dw and get a 26x14 with extended right-slave pedal for those rare occasions when i would judge the 14x20 to not be enough, which is not often (such a presence!) and add a 16x[14-15-16 would not know] ft to hold my towel and that would be it.

I would practice a hell of a lot for the rest, for every kit is as good as the guy playing it.


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So, I am torn between the George H. Way Cherry Tuxedo kit and the C&C Player 2.For the kind of sound I am looking for, which set would you guys recommend.?
They're both well made and great sounding kits.I kind of like C&C's drum building philosophy,and approach to QC.I also like the fact that they make their own shells on their US made drums.Very few "custom" companies do.They usually use Keller,Vaughcraft(well maybe,not anymore) Eames ect.

Having said that,you're the one playing the drums,so if the kits are on an even playing field,then sound matters,and it dosen't matter if anyone of us likes the sound,your ears have to decide.You're the one who is playing them,so YOU have to decide,not us.

Check out Memphis drum shops vids .BTW,the "Bonham" sound was big drums ,tuned higher,than you'd expect,ambient miking, the right sticks and drum heads,and most importantly.......the man.You may get in the ball park with a Ludwig super classic kit ,3 ply maple/poplar/maple in 26x14,14x10 or 12,16x16,16x18 and an LM 402 supra snare, all tuned properly,but sound like Bonham........?

You need to sound like you.:):)

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All C&C shells are made in their MO facility. None are outsourced to another country. I do know they use keller if the sizes are smaller than their molds, but other than that its all in house. Parts excluded.