DW Delta ball-bearing throw off - tension screw broke


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The tension screw from my DW Delta ball-bearing throw off broke and I would like to replace it. I have called DW and spoke to a rep who stated they only get the Deltas as a whole assembly so he didn't think they would have just the screw. He said he would look into it and call me back, no call back. I sent them a few emails as well with no response, so I am reaching on here.

The Delta throw off is in perfect condition so I don't want to just replace it, I just need the screw. The screw has two sets of threads on each end and both are different threads and a recessed area (turned down) in the middle which is the weak point and where the break happened. see the pic below...

I'm hoping someone on here has one of these screws and if you do please PM me.