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Hey drummers,

I'm a little behind on my posts here (major understatement!) so thought I'd catch up first with this link to a video teaching you how to play the opening drum groove from the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. The drummer being the AMAZING Neil Peart of course. Please let me know what you think and happy drumming to you!

Video Drum Lesson - Drum Beat "Tom Sawyer" (Rush)

Check out the notation below...

Chuck E's In Love (Steve Gadd) - Free Video Drum Lesson

Thank you guys for the kind words of support. I'm pleased that you're enjoying my videos and finding them useful!

Here's my latest video drum beat addition to www.DrumsThe Word.com. I'm adding video's all the time but thought I'd let you know about this one in particular...it features the genius of Steve Gadd on drums so it would be rude not too to let you know ;)

Here's the notation for the Intro Drum Beat on the song Chuck E's In Love by Rickie Lee Jones. If you've never heard the song then do yourself a favour and check out the drumming by Gadd on it...it's sublime!

And here is the Video Drum Lesson within my latest blog featuring me demonstrating this classic drum beat, both slowly and at actual tempo. The blog also features a few of the other cool beats/fills Gadd plays in the song so I hope you find these fun as well!

"Chuck E's In Love" Famous Intro Drum Beat (Steve Gadd) - Free Video Drum Lesson

See you next time!
"Jesus Of Suburbia" FREE Full-Song Video Drum Lesson

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for the supportive and kind comments below. I really appreciate the drum love!

Here's my latest full video drum lesson and PDF drum chart for the classing 9 minute epic "Jesus Of Suburbia" by Green Day. This page below contains all three video lessons plus the full song chart...for free of course! :)


Let me know if you have any questions and happy drumming to you all!