Drums in Commercials


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Didn't see any other threads about this subject.

Just saw on television a commercial for Pizza Hut that featured a concert percussionist. As a recent graduate (last Saturday!) with a marketing major, I find it intriguing how social perceptions on drums and percussion lend themselves to advertising other products outside of the world of music.

Here is the Pizza Hut Commercial:

And here are two there commercials that I remember watching a while back:


Thoughts or other examples of drums in advertisements?


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Haha, oh yeah. Completely forgot about that one. Wasn't Phil Collins featured in something?
It wasn't Phil himself, it was a giant Ape playing "In the Air Tonight" on drums.
I forget what product it was for though, but I remember the add well.


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There was an add for I think Infinty cars where it showed a bunch of drummers hands playing marching type patterns on material the car was made of.

It was filmed in 92 (I remember hearing about the auditions) but it didn't air until like a year two later.


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I posted about this a couple years ago, but there was a Woodford Reserve bourbon commercial that features Max Roach's drum solo on For Big Sid. You don't see the drummer, but I thought it was pretty wild that they chose a drum solo for the ad. https://youtu.be/iBrPTrLsvBg


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Jut saw one last night for ageing and health of older persons with a man clearly in his 80's or older wailing away on a kit. Don't know who it was for exactly but it was eye catching.