Drums at college ... thoughts on electric kit?


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Oh boy I have never been this "drum-sick". It's my second year in college at UCLA and my drums are at home in the Bay Area in Northern California. I have fallen out of playing drums since high school, but I miss it so much. Since I am going to move into an apartment next year, I'm thinking about an electric kit. What are your thoughts on an electric drum kit? I'm not too excited dropping a load of cash for a kit that won't come close to an acoustic, but an electric kit is better than no kit. For those who have have played on an electric kit, do you think I will still be able to work on feel and dynamics? I'm not going to be able to crash the ride and expect a nice wash and get everything else in between. What about rim shots? I miss that feeling of a nice CRACK on a snare. Any other ideas to alleviate my drum-sickness? Just go for a practice pad kit maybe?

Edit: Also wanted to add, why do you play drums? I ask because I want to play right now because I love the drums and I miss making music. I feel like a battle in my life is doing things I'm supposed to do and doing what I love. Since I don't think drumming is going to pay the bills in the future or take me far, I might be more reluctant to invest a lot of time into it. I have spent countless hours practicing and improving back when I practiced on a regular basis, but that was before "life" school and college came into the picture. Any older people here, help a youngin out?
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If you are in an upstairs apartment the kick will make too much noise to those below you.

I'm sure the clacking of hitting things with sticks will be loud to your neighbors in general. The mesh heads will be quieter, but the cymbals still make a fair amount of noise.

Rent a house instead?

And, IMO, an e-kit is nothing like an acoustic. You can work on time, breaking songs down, stuff like single roll speed, and just generally have fun...but the feel is 100% different IMO. Since its a music sample it all sounds good, you can't hear your mistakes as well, tonal changes depending on where you hit, ect.

I play a cheap e-kit now, because thats all I can with my living/money situation, but I really want to get back into A-kits.


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Go for it and buy used. That way you can get a TD4, TD6 or 9 or Yamaha equivalent and it will defo be better than no kit. Set of decent headphones and away ...



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Honestly, i just sold my electric TD-9 and bought the DW smart pad set, best decision of my life. Electric kits seem portable, buti ts a pain to set them up and tear them down, and when theyre up, they take up quite a bit of room