Drums applications for mobile phones


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What do you think about drums applications on mobile pones? Have you got any of them? I use this one: [link deleted]

I know that's only for fun.
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To answer the OPs question I just use have a basic enough metronome app that I use with a pad.
Same here. My metronome app is my favorite drumming related app. Since I have a practice pad at home, office, and my studio, I don't need three different metronomes.
Same with me - I use a metronome app. I've tried a few of the free ones and they all work just fine. (Although someday I hope to get a real metronome - one of those beautiful wooden ones, or maybe a hot pink one)

The "rudidrum" app has been recommended to me by a few people, but since I can find all of the rudiments on youtube I've never really checked out that one.

:) Leanne


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I have 2, a basic metronome type app that you tap and it gives you the bpm and an app called iDrumTune which works like a tunebot, but at 5% of the cost. It works well too!
Came back in to check in on the conversation and I see this was edited by admin as a spammer.
Man, I always feel like such a sucker when I engage with one of those!


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Came back in to check in on the conversation and I see this was edited by admin as a spammer.
Man, I always feel like such a sucker when I engage with one of those!
It's still unclear whether the OP is a spammer but submitting one post and then not checking back doesn't really help creating credibility. The link was edited because...

I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, it's facilitating a meaningful discussion.
...exactly, why not continue the discussion ;-)


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Hands down - the best app I've found is the iOS/iPad/iTouch/iPhone app (or Android as well) called Tempo Advanced by Frozen Ape. Apart from being really cheap at $4 - it's a great metronome PLUS it allows you create setlists of meters very easily. This is a lifesaver for me as I play in several bands.. and setlists change all the time.. coupled with having to dial up the correct meter in less than 3 seconds in between tunes.. it also allows you to customize the meter display for example - by setting the intensity of the flashing colored balls.. so you can approximate the groove or pulse.

But even with all that great technology, I find I still have to quickly call up the key hook line in the tune to make sure the pulse 'sits' right with the tune.. (which is what I would do if I didn't have the metronome. But sometimes it's hard to clear your brain and immediately recall the tune.. so in the end it's a great practice tool and helps cement the key melodies and meters in your head for quick recall.

.. and no - I'm not a spammer - I just love this product! Especially compared to my old Yamaha metronome that I paid $175 for - where creating setlists was BRUTAL, tedious and inflexible - and as a side benefit - the damn thing stopped working after a year and a half!


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If the thread is to live on despite the inauspicious start.... A very similar app is Setlistmaker (http://www.arlomedia.com/apps/setlistmaker/main/home.html), and I've been using it extensively as well. It allows you to build ordered setlists, associate tempo and key signature data, lyric sheets, and MP3 soundfiles with each tune, and has a visual and/or audible metronome built in to let you get starting tempos as well as monitoring the first few bars of a tune to remember how it goes. Its best feature is that it can sync between multiple devices- so one person in a band can manage the setlists for the whole group, and the changes they make can automatically propagate to the other band member's devices, untouched by human hands. Finally, the devices can then all be slaved together during a performance, to make sure that everyone is on the exact same page, so to speak...

Standard disclaimer applies here, as well: no connection with this product or its developer other than as a satisfied customer, yadda yadda, your mileage may vary, post no bills. I'm sure that there are other similar products as well- but this general type of thing is so far beyond old paper setlists that I have *no idea* how I survived before the advent of the smartphone... (;-) Practice apps and metronomes are all well and good, but this sort of gig-management app can really help out where the rubber meets the road!


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Audacity - free audio editor
- open an mp3
- select the track
- choose effects > change speed (without affecting pitch)