Drums and allergies


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Two things, that you can try, or ignore.

Apple Cider Vinegar. One cap full mixed with a small glass of water. For me, it works just as well as any medicine in keeping my sinus clear. It tastes like hell, but it's all natural with no unintended side effects.

I tired giving up gluten for something unrelated, and noticed my overall allergies were about 90% gone.


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I am also allergic to cats. Taking some meds in advance is good and I also use a nasal wash (available in a drug store) afterwards to remove the dander that I've inhaled.


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Growing up where I live was hell. Took shots weekly for over 4 years and didn't grow out of asthma till I was 16 or so. Allergies are no joke. I love cats though, they taste just like chicken. I would suggest taking an extra break of two, wash your eyes with cold water, keep your hands clean and away from your eyes. Blow your nose while you're at it. Don't touch anything in that room other than your sticks. Last but not least, for god's sake, do NOT take Benadryl that stuff will knock you out! OTC generic Claritin D is like CRACK and will most likely give you a boost. Just my .02 if all else fails, eat the cat.