drumming's just so much fun!

keep it simple

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Indeed Henri. This reminds me that having fun on stage is absolutely the best way to entertain an audience. We're playing upton festival tomorrow. The weather forecast is truly dreadful, & I think there's around 10,000 tickets sold, so a big & fairly pissed off audience to keep happy. I'm practicing flamadiddles to play on my lead singer's head ;)


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yeah! HELL YEAH! Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously on forums or in our drive to reach dizzying heights. sometimes you need to pick up some forks and play the cutlery!
i love drums
- not because the gear looks cool - and it does.
- not because my fellow drummers are the coolest dudes on the planet - and they are (mostly).
- not because it is loud - and it is.
- not because it is old and hardwired into us as a species - and i beleive it is


i love drumming because it is FUN.
that's my philosophy.