Drumming while travelling?


So what do you guys and girls do to satisfy drumming cravings while away from your drum gear/kits for extended periods of time? Maybe use a small practice pad or mini cajon to practice on? This got me thinking about how well drum gear would cope with air travel i.e. baggage handlers and cabin pressurisation etc.

I ask because I’ll soon be spending two weeks in Canada/USA and then potentially being sent to work in China for 3 months and don’t fancy being without anything percussive for either trip. I spent 1.5 weeks in Singapore just before Xmas and almost went out of my mind without something to hit!

Any ideas folks?




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I use rubber tipped sticks.
Some people use brushes on cardboard.
A metal sink makes a good cajone.


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For longer trips, I'll bring my nice practice pad with a pair of jazz sticks and a pair of marching sticks.

If it's a short trip, then I'll just bring a pair of jazz sticks and one of those cheap remo pads.

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I would seek out rehearsal studios where you can rent a drum set and a room for a couple hours here and there. You know, instead of spending it all at the strip clubs.


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I spend 3 - 4 nights a week in a hotel room. This is a photo I posted on my FB page a few years ago when someone asked me how do I deal with the boredom of constant travel.

Notice the sticks. These are the first nylon tip sticks (Ludwig 7A) I ever purchased circa 1980 (give or take a year).

The knee practice pad is rather handy.



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My normal sticks and practice pad, every time.

At home I do most of my practice on the kit; so when I travel I balance things up with pad work.