Drumming faces


"Uncle Larry"
As if there isn't enough to work on, since video-ing myself for the first time, I've come to the conclusion that I really need to think about my face. When I drum, all my muscles in my face relax, and it looks like I am having NO fun at all. I look like such a tool! I really need to do something about this. Does anyone have any advise?


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dont even worry about what face your making. It cant be so bad to the point that you need to actually think about it.

do you think this guy cares?



"Uncle Larry"
That's the thing though, I do care. I want to look more...normal when I play. Maybe a smiling Larry mask? Yea. That would look more normal. I've tried chewing gum, that helps, but the more I'm in the zone, the more gravity affects my face. I guess mirror practice is the ticket.

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You have to feel the muisc, and enjoy what you are playing. I can't stand guys who look like the are board while on the kit.

But it does have to be gig oriented, don't head band if you are in a jazz band...