Drumming an end to world poverty


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My father is organizing an annual drum circle that will take place at the annual microcredit summit in kenya, but also many other locations around the world at the same time (D.C., Japan, many more) This will be to fund microinvestment opportunities for people in 3rd world countries, for more information or to donate or if you would like to do some of the drumming we are looking for all kinds of input and assistance please contact us!!!

Also please join and follow us on the following social networks these numbers increase our chances of sponsorship, a little will go a long way!!

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Nice sentiment but poverty will always be with us. Why? There will always be someone in power who keeps people in poverty for their own desires. There will always be people without education. There will always be lazy people. If you really want to help poor people don't be one of them. You can't help those who need help if you are poor yourself. First sell that snare you never use and give the money to a homeless shelter. That would be a start. Playing drums ain't going to eliminate poverty.


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yeah....selling my snare and giving 80 or so $ to a soup kitchen will make way more of a difference than raising 51 million dollars with and international percussive fundraiser. What was i thinking...and i know it seems like evil power mongering bastards will always be in control of things....but if we just keep assuming that's the way it will be forever then that truly will never change.