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Wow, some amazing stuff there. Thanks for putting that all together.

The most incredible part of it all, to me, is that Buddy still shines above most of the others after all these years. I might put Jojo next there and Gadd behind him. Not the point of this but I couldnt help but to think of the most memorable/mind blowing performances as I watched.

Going to watch again.


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I love all the drummers on this clip!!!! After watching a few times, I think history has it right, Buddy is at the top of the list!!! It's seems like if he had a drum solo against someone like Jo Jo Mayer today, he would look over at him and think hmmmm, that's cool, I think on my solo break, I'll do what he just did with only my left hand and then do some crazy never seen before thing with my right and left foot. Second is Steve Gadd, he's the most musical drummer ever to walk the planet!! If you only listen instead of watch, Gadd makes the drums speak. All the drummers on this clip are great.


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Anyone else think it'd be cool for the forum members to put together a video like this? we all do like a 15 sec solo and have someone edit it all together!


That would be cool.

Your wishes are my command :)

Here's the list in order of appearance to the best of my knowledge...

1. Dennis Chambers (1)
2. Dave Weckl (1)
3. Vinnie Colaiuta (1)
4. Bobby Rondinelli
5. Kenny Aronoff
6. Buddy Rich (1)
7. Carmine Appice
8. Ilan Rubin
9. Huub Jansen
10. Buddy Rich (2)
11. Ed Shaughnessy
12. Dave Weckl (2), Steve Gadd (1) and Vinnie Colaiuta (2)
13. Simon Phillips
14. Jojo Mayer (1)
15. Jimmy DeGrasso
16. Buddy Rich (3)
17. Steve Gadd (2)
18. Marvin "Smittie" Smith
19. Louie Bellson
20. Buddy Rich (4)
21. Steve Smith
22. Vinnie Colaiuta (3)
23. Buddy Rich (5)
24. Steve Gadd (3)
25. Louis Hayes
26. Dennis Chambers (2)
27. Vinnie Colaiuta (4)
28. Charly Antolini
29. Tony Royster Jr.
30. Buddy Rich (6)
31. Jojo Mayer (2)
32. Steve Gadd (4)
33. Aaron Spears

The funny thing is, I've seen most of these solos on their own over the years, it's nice to see them linked together like that :)
Thanks Mad...................Did you know all of them off the top of your head?

Thanks a lot Mad - and yes, there are so many more....part II will follow...


Thanks for putting this together.......................definitely want to see Part II


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Yes he does.

I can't see the video right now but I think I know what you're referring to.

A lot of times during his solos, he will give his hats a quick flip to keep keep swinging like that.

I've seen a couple videos where Tony Williams did this too.
Crazy.............is it just a "visual" or is there another reason to leave them that loose?

I would imagine that it would be hard to play them that way.

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Thanks Mad...................Did you know all of them off the top of your head?
You're welcome.

No, there's 4 drummers I didn't recognize, but the elimination process was fairly easy, except that, yes, I knew all of them instantly... well, I'm an old guy :)