drummer's vocals w/o headset


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I currently bring my mic up & over via tripod boom and goose neck, similar to what Don Henley seems to prefer. It is much better than coming from left or right side with the boom. It is comfortable and then I place my one small Kustom vocal monitor right behind the stand, as I prefer not to have my single vocal monitor hitting say only one ear. Got the picture? So here's my thread...

Soon, due to some stage depth limitations, this may not be functional. So has anyone seen and/or been able to develop...a stand/table of some sort that allows the monitor to actually sit underneath it, plus said table has the capability to then mount a mic stand/boom to it to allow up & over?



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I used to use the same type of over the head boom like Gil Moore from Triumph use, swing it out of the way when not needed and swing it in to sing, that and a speaker monitor but for the last 10 or 12 years have been using an audio-technica atm73a and shure in ear monitors and will never go back to a regular mic and monitor while behind the kit.