Drummers Only Rehearsal Rooms?


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Hi there!

Just wondering if anyone knows of any rehearsal rooms geared only toward drummers?

I'm thinking of starting one in Vancouver BC and would like to research the idea more fully.

We have the unique problem of not being able to practice our instrument by simply "turning down the amp" and electronic drums just don't cut it for me.

There are many jam spots for full bands that usually also offer their rooms for drummers too, but in my area the rooms are so poorly soundproofed and the gear is often low end or broken, so it may make sense to create a drummers only community!

If you have any links to websites that would be great!

Thanks in advance!


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steve maxwell's shop in new york city has drum rehearsal rooms.

When I was in college they had rehearsal rooms for all kind of instruments and I think there was a whole building or wing of drum rehearsal rooms. They where probably 5x5 tiny rooms and the underclassmen rooms were upstairs and you had to go up a spiral staircase.

most of the rehearsal rooms in my city are all pretty big 15x20' rooms that are $350 a month. I think there is only one place in town that has "furnished" hourly rooms with pa's and drums but they are large rooms for a whole band to use.

It seems like bigger citys have more of the hourly type rooms. I've used this place in austin before http://www.musiclab.net/ really nice and affordable. I think it was like $10 an hour for band sized practice room with a p.a.


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Thanks for the reply!

I'm hoping to create a rehearsal space JUST for drummers with one main stage area for full band use, clinics, video shoots, etc.


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Google music rehearsal Los Angeles.

There are a ton of rehearsal room businesses, offering a variety of options, all over Los Angeles.

Although I have my own space, so I've not used any of them in several years.


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As far as I know from my travels around this land, a drummer-only rehearsal space is a big unknown. Most spaces that could accommodate drummers are advertised as band practice spaces because, well, they're big enough for a band. Plus, it's far easier to draw $300 a month from 4/5 people than one drummer.

I love the idea, though. I wish we had something like that in the Tacoma/Seattle area.


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I'm planning to create one in Vancouver but am just doing some research to see what, if anything, I can find out about similar ventures before jumping in! It would be a mini version of the Drummers Collective in NYC!