DRUMMERs Need for *NEW* Drum Product Launch


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I'd say the biggest problem facing this product is simply lack of a market.

The majority of drum kits are sold to players who are not playing in more than one band.

And most drummers who do play in more than band are hired guns, and thus, are not going to spend money on an item.

Which leaves only a small percentage of the drum buying market who would find a need for such a product.

Every year at NAMM there are things like this, where sure, it's a good idea, but how many people will really buy it?


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You could project it from on top of the bass drum and reflect it back down on the front head from a small mirror close to the projector...keeping the real estate in front of the bass drum open.

As with many things, vibration could be a pain...distoring the image...maybe put the projector to the side of the b-drum?


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One and Done.....typical spammer, survey. I would buy a banner for the band not a bass drum head

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Let me guess, this is a groundbreaking new product that will revolutionize the industry. Right?

Pssh. It seems like we get one of these a week, I'm surprised that this one wasn't posted as an engineering student.

I will not complete your survey sir. Good day to you.