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It could be just me, but....

Do any of you other drummers go through truck loads of pants? I pretty much live in jeans, and every pair ends up with a hole on the right side of the crotch! I'm prettys sure it's due to relentless kick drumming, because I don't do really do anything else that would wear out that specific part of my pants.

I'm not really looking for a solution, I already know how to avoid this, but I'm too lazy/busy to do anything different to what I already do, I just wanted to start a stupid thread about a real life situation.



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Prolly from all the girls you attract when drumming? I have the same problem (hoping my wife might see the humor in this post if there is any) all the time.....


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The seat of my pants wears on the right cheek because I play a single pedal.
Sometimes the inside of my right pant leg wears from rubbing against the snare butt.


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Don't understand how you would wear out your crotch with drumming? Assuming you play with sticks...


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I literally just had this happen today. My favorite pair of jeans too!

Directly to the right of the seam down the crotch, rather depressing. I assume it's because I sag a little, and when I sit down to drum that area tends to get a bit stretched.


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Thought this thread was going to be about combating scrot rash midway through an intense gig.

I can't imagine anything worse than drumming in jeans, baggy shorts are the business.

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The kilt idea would be perfect for you then!
Now that's not an option! I can imagine all kinds of painful potential hardware interference issues, especially if the kilt was worn in the traditional way. The sporran could be a useful drum key holding device though ;) The audience view would provide a lot more "face" time for drummers too. Hmmm, maybe it's worth the damage risks, lol!


"Dress" it on the left.
Looser pants might help, tighter underwear?
Yea, go with the Kilt. Don't wear cowboy boots with it, PLEASE.

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I get this, though I assume it's from walking (it doesn't happen quickly, I'd be wearing a pair regularly for a good year).