Drummers Alliance 25th Anniversary

Drummers Alliance

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Drummers Alliance 25th Anniversary

Drummers Alliance is a U.K organisation set up by professional drummer /teacher Toni Cannelli in
1987 to promote the art of drumming. Over the last
25 years Drummers Alliance has put on many drum
Events and seminars.
The Beat events have built a reputation for the young
Drummer competitions, some of the winners and entrants
Have gone on to play with acts like –Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Annie Lenox, Adele,Bassment Jax, Jeff Beck
One Direction and guitar legend Lee Ritenour.
The Sheffield based organisation has also been asked to
Put on major social events featuring drumming.
Drummers Alliance would like to here from drummers
Who have taken part in the competitions and events?