Drummer Live London



I saw Pete Lockett at my old college a few years ago - he was absolutely phenomenal and it was a tiny venue (college theatre) and free. If nothing else, I would advise people to go just for that!


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I was going to make a thread about this but you beat me to it! Yes I'll be off, not sure what day though as sunday hasn't got alot of confirmed guests yet.

It'll be a busy weekend travelling as I'm seeing Dream Theater and Frost* in Leeds on the friday, I think Download Festival is on the same weekend!


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any guys heading over to this? just seen the line up and excited to say the least
as long as the police don't beat you up it should be a great show!!
Well as long as you're actually AT the conference rather than protesting about it then you should be fine! All the shows look quite interesting really. Probably not gonna go, pretty sure DL is on the same weekend, it was 12-14 june last year.


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i would love to go to this but sadly its the same time as download festival which i already have tickets for. but atleast i will get to see the likes of Tomas Haake, morgan rose and mike portnoy.


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Hope she doesn't read this over my shoulder but my girlfriend won't let me go to Download festival so I'll be going to this instead. Not a bad 2nd prize getting to see Nicko though.


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Just need the other comfirmed guests to finish off Sunday.

Still, Steve Smith/Nick D'Virgillio/Cora on the Sat so I might have to do both days!!