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I spoke with them this morning and it seems my browser doesn't like their website.??? Anyway, the shell I wanted to buy was 22.00 and the shipping was going to be 17.50 so I nixed the whole thing.. I will continue to look.

The SunDog

I purchased tube lugs from them last Nov. Excellent product, great price and great service.


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Those Drumfoundary fellas are famous for stopping by the local 24 hour strip joint in town for their morning cup of coffee and lap dance. Don't worry, they're back by noon most days.


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Never used them, but I seem to recall reading something negative about them in the past? I can't remember for sure.


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Last night I registered with DrumFoundry to price a drum shell and cannot log in. Repeated tries. No luck. This morning I call customer service and the lady who answered says the guy who normally handles this is on vacation. The other three guys just left. Mind you it's 9 AM in Michigan, where did they leave to? So no one is there and the lady who answered can't help with the login problem or give any shipping pricing info, nothing. Is it just me or is this the norm for this company?