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Within a few weeks from now we are going to have the first annual Drumazon in Tyler, Texas. This will be a huge show and sell event. The cost to drummers is free even though we will be taking small donations to offset the cost. Anyone can sell their used drums, cymbals, spare parts ect ect. This is not a store but a private sale and swap meet anyone may enter. It will be advertised. It will be drummers who have any drum related ghear for sale. For instance I have a large number of undrilled Keller shells for sale, an original pair of Zildjian Z heavy rock hi hats, and a set of Premier Cabria drums for sale. This will be a get togather as well as a sell, swap meet, for drummers and the general public! Music business's can also show a limited number of used ghear for a small fee. There will also be a drum jam! Anyone interested contact me! Interest in this is running high! Hope to see you there! Email me at texasrockstar01@gmail.com
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