Drum Workshop Inc's new 'production' kit

Mike Armstrong

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Has anybody heard this news or did I miss that thread?

Supposed to be a new production line of drums called the Performance Series using the same maple shells as their custom drums that use a new HVX Technology with a price point of $2,000 and available in Oct/Nov of this year.

I'm sort of surprised there's not more chatter about this, yet. I'd love to have a DW kit, this might make that possible.

Mike Armstrong

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Thanks. I was just over there and didn't see it.

Edit: Yup, a couple of long threads with plenty of info there. Thanks again.
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Yea, I heard John Good talk about these a couple of Saturdays ago. I didn't see any pictures, but he did say that they were going to be built in their Mexico plant where they make the PDP kits. These new kits will have the same type of round lugs, but they will be smaller around than the normal DW lugs that are on their Collectors, Jazz and Classic series kits made in the U.S.



Just look at the front cover of DW's Edge magazine with Abe Laboriel, you'll find exactly what you're waiting for.