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I recently bought a Gretsch Catalina Club kit and I will have to start bringing it to the place I will be gigging but I will have to leave it in my car to be at the gig on time (for the next few weeks). My question is, will my drums while in cases or wrapped in a blanket be damaged by the possible heat from the car? I would think that there is a possibility, but I wanted the opinion of others before I looked into alternative methods of transporting them. Thanks!!!


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The answer is YES. If your drums don't get warped from the heat, they'll crack from the transition from the car into a cooler environment. This happened to a friend of mine about 10 years ago. He left his kit in his car while at work. When he got to the gig, his wrap was bubbly from the heat, and you could hear the kit (wood) cracking as it was just sitting on the stage. That was painful to listen to. Since then, I've never left my kit in a car, no matter how big of a pain in the butt it is to move it in and out...


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I wouldn't recommend leaving them out in the car regardless of the weather forecast temp wise.. I have a 9 piece set with hardware and rack system and I also own the entire PA ... it gets unloaded as soon as I get home - rain or shine - winter, summer or fall ... a good rule of thumb (in my humble opinion) is to place yourself in the drum kit's environment.. if you are comfortable then so are they..

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Don't ignore the advice the others gave, but my Ludwig gig kit has lived in my (white) drum van for a dozen years or so, 365 days a year and has had no ill effects whatsoever. They don't even go out of tune. In the hottest months of the year, I keep the front door windows open about one inch and have the tinted vent visors to keep rain out. I also use one of those folding windshield covers too.


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It's too bad this product doesn't actually work.

The reviews are terrible, but maybe someone knows one that actually does work. I couldn't find one. If it did it would be a great way to keep the interior cool. In summer heat temparatures inside vehicles can get searingly hot. I'm pretty sure over 150 degrees F. Then there's the temp change of pulling the drums from that and into a club that may be 70-80 degrees F. that's an over 50 degree temp change in a few minutes. Can't be good.