Drum track - name the song part 5! (Nov 12)


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It's the return of Name That Song!

As usual, this was a hit record (at least in the US) and not some obscure track.

The excerpt is the 2nd verse, pre-chorus, and chorus, and isn't very difficult if you listen closely.

Prize for correctly naming the song is The Beatles Love promo interview disc (Capitol Records, 2006.) It features Paul and Ringo, but primarily George Martin and his son Giles, who remixed & created the Beatles mashups for the Love show.

Good luck!





John Mellencamp...Hurt so good
That sounds surprisingly close!

I think it sounds Motley Crue-ish, but unless there is a drum hook or some unique snare sound or something I can never guess these mystery drum parts. Play one bar of any song and I can do it though...

Edit- HAHAHA! It is Ratt! How funny!


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It wasn't the right tempo for John Cougar.

I thought Motely Crue at first, but it didn't quite line up. "Looks that Kill" was close, but not it. So I thought, what has a similar drum track to "Looks that Kill"? Oh right, "Round and Round."

But in my 1/2 second of debate, Mike slipped in with the answer.

I don't care I wasn't first, I'm just happy to be right on one of these for a change!

Looking forward to the next one.


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I just saw this thread but I got it half-way through the first listen. The 8th note triplets on the (china?) cymbal were the giveaway for me.