Drum track - guess the song part 2!


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It was quite the staple on rock radio (KMET & KLOS) when it was new. I'm surprised you haven't heard it, even in a classic context.
It was new in 1975!! I would have been 5 years old when it was "a hit", and I'm the older side of many on this board.

That's both a relief and an anti-climax.

Ditto - I've not heard that song ever! Major hit? Wow, either the song made much less of a splash across the Pacific or the rock I live under must be bigger than I thought ...
Glad you agree Polly. I don't feel so bad now.

I CANNOT believe that SO MANY of you have not heard "Tangled up in Blue". That is more amazing than the "mystery song" itself! When I heard it was TUIB I was like.....................duh!!!
As I said, Dylan's 60's material is classic, it's played on the radio often, cited by many as major influences, cited by music and cultural historians as super important works, and those are the songs that are often covered by others. When Dylan comes up in discussion, it's about his folk roots, the switch to electric, Highway 61 revisited, Blonde on Blonde; those are the classics.

His 70's material? I never hear anyone ever talk about it.

And if you see Dylan live, he never plays his songs like the record. He'll even go as far as change the feel and key if he feels like it. So even IF you were to hear this song played, even if he in fact played the time(s) I've seen Dylan, it's doubtful it would be the version in question here.