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Hi guys, first time poster here, just wanted to share a few thoughts I've had about a fundemental approach to drumming, and music in general.

Firstly, ask yourself this - who are you, and where do you want to be in drums, but not just drums, in yourself. When you sit are your "canvas", is there a divide between what's in your head, and what information you "paint"!

I think there is a big distence between most peoples self-expectations and what they play- we all want to be original, but are we just playing the same stuff, day in, day out. The problem - we just don't play from the heart enough.

So how do you play from the heart. Answer : self beleif - you have to believe in yourself, no matter what anyone around you says. When you are in love with your own playing, people can fall in love with the way you play, and then the magic seems to happen. And its about history - sometimes to look into the future you have to look into the past. Papa jo jones, elvin jones, genius's of the past that are forgotten a lot nowadays because eveyones obsessed with mega technique and forgetting the most important organ in the body - our hearts! People we have to translate our feelings into music more, music has the power to heal and change.

Would like to know your thoughts, how do you guys access the "freedom zone"?

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You are correct about playing from the heart. A drummer also has to play standard things that are expected of him. Learning technical things is also part of the job. There has to be a balance of all of these ingredients to make a good drummer. Fact, Everyone does not have the talent to be a Papa Jo Jones! There are all different natural ability levels of drummers. We are just people. Yes, everyone should play from the heart. Everyones definition of heart is different. There are drummers that just play for fun at a level that they are comfortable with. Some of them never play with bands. There is nothing wrong with that. Music has something in it for everyone. Personal satisfaction is key also. If you like playing standard simple things then that is fine. Everyone makes their own choice on who they are and where they want to be.
The Freedom Zone, That has always been a grey area. How much playing is to much? Should you just simply stay in the pocket, or should you venture out? Will playing a sophisticated part enhance the song, or overload it? Some of the most successful songs had simple pocket grooves for a drum track. Most listeners like the drumming simple. Most listeners of music aren't musicians and they can't understand Elvin Jones. The average person will never appreciate Monk! One has to consider the listener when playing. I have gotten the most compliments on my playing on a night when I wasn't playing well so I just stuck to the basics. Go figure!
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Technique is very important. Without it, we can't translate any of those feelings onto the drumhead.

That said, I auditioned for the band I'm in right now long after they started playing pro-level gigs and touring a lot. When I got the position, they flat out told me that I'm not the best drummer that they auditioned, nor am I the best drummer that they've ever had in their band. They picked me because I play from the heart, and I have a massive passion for it. The live gig I did with them as the final audition was what sold them on me, because I played with a lot of energy and drama, and sang most of the words while I was playing.

You should really have an equal balance of technique and heart. Either one is useless without the other.