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Just use the eraser end of a new pencil to tap for tuning. Its the most accurate method I've found. In fact, I believe I'm the first one to recommend or think of it. Works GREAT!


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Thanks for the tip.. i hate how that drum sounds when done. but i have always been using a stick for tapping around and didn't think about just giving a little flick. Will try that out:)


Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. I checked out another video of his and he was at a gig with Train. Funny, my friend plays guitar with Train. I will check out more of his vids. Good find!


Thought I would share this. I just discovered this guy's channel on YouTube. His name is Kenny Sharretts and he's giving a lot of good advice in his clips.

I noticed in this clip that he's doing something that I just figured out a few months ago- When it comes to fine tuning, instead of tapping at each lug like we are used to doing, just flick the tip of your finger across the surface of the head. This excites the head as a whole a little less and gives you a little more accurate idea of where the pitch is at one specific lug. I figured this out by using my finger nail to lightly scratch across the surface of a coated head, but he's doing the same thing with the pad of his finger on a clear head and it still works.