Drum teachers over email?


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I am looking for a way to get better at the drums, I do not have the money for drum lessons, so, if anyone wants to help me learn either drum sheets or practice on the drums. Then, thank you.

I have a Yamaha DTX400 electronic drum kit, I know the basic notes but I wish to get better.

I am a huge fan of Linkin Park, Dead By Sunrise, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fort Minor, Evanescence and Skillet.



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I would strongly suggest looking on Youtube. Email would not be an efficient way to communicate.

John Lamb

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I would second the nix on the email, but many drummers offer lessons via skype. I do it, and I know of many others as well. In addition, there are sites such as DrumChannel.com, Drumeo.com and MikesLessons.com that offer pretty comprehensive video lessons - these would all be of much better quality than your average youtube search would yield, but cost money in a subscription service.