Drum Teachers (Moeller/Free-Stroke) in LA?


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I did exactly what you're thinking of doing now. I wanted feedback instead of just learning Moeller from a DVD. Matt learned the technique from Chapin so that was the deciding factor for me. And Matt turned out to be a great teacher and now I'm a regular student.


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Thanks guys! I'll try calling Matt, as I prefer in-person lessons at this point.

Btw Fred Dinkins is another name that I've seen around here. Between him and Matt, who is the recommendation for learning the aforementioned techniques (moeller, free stroke etc)?



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Try my teacher. Not only is he a nice guy, he is a student of Joe Morello and Jim Chapin.

Yes, I was going to recommend Matt as well. I never met him personally, but I know of him from us both being students of Morello.

Bill is great too. Maybe Matt can be your main teacher since he is in the area and can see your hand in person. Then you can do a few Skype lessons with Bill for another point of view.

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Anyone know of good teachers in LA who are well-versed in Moeller & free-stroke techniques (as well as others to help develop fast singles around the kit)?

I picked up Jojo Mayer's 'Secret Weapons...' DVD and its great. However, I'm in need of some live instruction to make sure I'm adopting the techniques properly.

Thanks in advance.