Drum Teachers: invoice automation software that lets one use their own, custom invoice?


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Hi guys, this is one for all you drum tutors out there: does anyone know of any invoice automation software (paid or free), that will allow the user to import their own custom invoice to use, instead of the fixed invoice templates available on sites such as musicteachershelper.com?

If this question is not drum-specific enough, can anyone recommend a good online forum for music teachers, at which I might direct this query?

Thanks in advance everyone.


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What is it about your custom invoice that makes it need to be imported?

I use invoicegenerator.com. I upload our logo and use creative wording for fields that don't fit.

Alain Rieder

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If you use a Mac, I can recommend GrandTotal, a great invoicing application that I've been using for years.
You can change the layout inside the application, and also import your stationary in pdf format.
I don't even use this import feature, but the application made my life easier, really.