Drum Shell


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I'm wanting to replace the shell on my steel Pearl 3x13 piccolo snare. Does anyone have any shells or scraps that they want to get rid off? All I need is a shell that is 13' in diameter, the length doesn't matter as long as its longer than 3'. I would like some Birch, but doesn't really matter as long as its wood. If you have anything just let me know, Thanks.


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I'm confused.

You want a new SHELL for your snare drum? I would suggest you just buy a new snare, unless there's something about the hoops and the actual snare/strainer that you really like.

Are you trying to save money? I don't really know of many people who'd have a 13" shell sitting around that they wouldn't mind giving away, but I suppose it's worth a shot eh?

Let me know if you have any luck, otherwise search for "Keller Shells" on google, I'm sure you could buy a 13" by whatever you wanted relatively cheaply and outfit it yourself.


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Im getting a custom snare drum made and Im in need of a good snare now. So I thought I could just fix up my piccolo cheap and use that until I get my custom snare.

I only need 3', so I figured someone has scraps or even a tom that they would sell cheap.