Drum Shed


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So I recently acquired the opportunity to build a sort of "drum shed" / man cave in my basement. By "drum shed" I mean a rather large soundproofed room in which I will place my set. I can build it, but I don't know what exactly to build if you know what I mean. Has anyone else built something like this before? Any things you wished you had done differently? The room needs to be pretty decently soundproofed as thats why I was originally building it in the first place (neighbors...)


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If you do a search, there are numerous, numerous threads on this topic.

As I aways say:

Before you do anything, buy this book:
KEEP THE PEACE! THE MUSICIAN'S GUIDE TO SOUNDPROOFING by Mark Parsons, which is straightforward, and also written geared to drummers.

If you want to get more in depth, find this book:
Home Recording Studio: Build it Like the Pros by Rod Gervais
It's long, lots of technical jargon, and some of it will go over your head, but it's full of good info.


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A member here named Brundlefly went into excruciating detail on his blog (links in this thread) about what it took for him to achieve what you are asking about. He obviously went on the high end of things, which apparently cost him a pretty penny, so... hopefully it helps.