"Drum shed" help needed!


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Hey so I've been drumming since I was about 2 years old at churches and I'm 19 now but I guess I've never stuck around the right drummers to learn how to do these licks that it seems like EVERY gospel drummer knows. I've also been looking on youtube alot but no one ever explains it in depth, they always say something like "just stay around more drummers" or just tips that don't help me at all.

Before I link videos of what exactly I'm talking about, I'd like to confirm that I do not want to learn the exact sticking of these licks (unless really needed), I just want to learn the linear rudiment so that I can experiment with sticking and other stuff on my own.

Not the beginning of the chop, just the roll after the first couple notes.

From where its time stamped till the next drummer begins.

Basically his whole section.

I can provide more videos if needed.


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in the first video, it looks to me like he's playing inverted triplets (if that's the right term) between hands and kick drum. I count triplets as 1-and-ah two-and-ah, and so forth. He starts the figure on the "ah" before a downbeat, accenting the "and"s of the triplets, and packing the triplets into 16ths, starting on the "and" before the 1 of the first measure, and ending on the 4 of the second measure, so it looks like this:
r LkrL krLk rLkr Ckkr LkrL krLk krLk C
( the Cs are crashes with the left hand)

hope this helps,