Drum rug on carpet vs. platform


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For the last 15 years, I've had my kit set up on a low platform (3/4" ply on stud frame) covered in thin industrial carpet, glued directly to the platform. It worked well in my previous location, where I was trying to protect hardwood floors in my studio, and allowed me to mark locations and even screw cleats in for various accessories. However, my new studio is carpeted, a stiff low-pile commercial carpet on a 40 oz. felt pad (a little firmer than the typical foam rubber re-bond pads), and I'd prefer not to haul my old heavy platform up the stairs to this second floor studio. It's time for a change.

I've considered just getting a rug, which could be marked with stand locations, and easily moved with the kit for (very occasional) gigs. Definitely lighter and more portable. However, a carpet, on a rug, on a pad? I'm wondering what this will do to my pedal response.

Am I over-thinking things? Seems a squishy stack of a few layers of carpet plus pad could eat up a good bit of energy, which would otherwise be transferred directly to the pedal and drum head. Nothing you'd notice in a single kick, but after several hours practicing with the band...?


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I've considered just getting a rug, which could be marked with stand locations, and easily moved with the kit for (very occasional) gigs.
Good idea. A tried and tested method.......on any surface.

Am I over-thinking things?
I reckon so mate.

Losing "pedal energy" becuase of an extra layer of carpet? It's a stretch. And certainly not worth losing sleep over.


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I am very familiar with the carpet on carpet situation. The key is to use a very thin (read very cheap) carpet, that way the loss of stability is minimal. I use the rubber backed version as it is great for gigging. None of these carpets cost more than $15 dollars at Walmart.



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My drums are on a thin, inexpensive throw rug on carpeting, on padding and I have no issues at all. My pedal is firm. To answer your question I do think you are over thinking. Better to be able to mark your spots and put the rug down anywhere


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Thanks, guys. I'll look at rubber-backed rugs, but I'll need 8 x 8 feet, as this is a larger kit on a rack. With everything rack-mounted, stability of the kit is not much a concern, other than my stool being wobbly.

"low end response"? I think the platform actually enhanced it. Hard to say for sure...

Just remembered I do have some scrap rug remnants from the carpet install. I could throw them under the bass drums / pedals, to see how they affect things. Could even try a scrap under my stool.