Drum Room


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Very nice setup! I also have a mid 60's Round badge kit. To be honest the new Brooklyn's sound great also.


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.....here's my Ludwig Black Beauty....and next to that: the mask I wear when I go out chasing high school students with a machete....

The Old Hyde

do you like Gretsch???? nice idea having that shelf for the kits, nice room set up.


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Ah nice man. It's good hearing your voice too. Nice rehearsal space. I mean sanctuary. That's how I feel in mine. In the summer you probably have a nice view there I bet. If you play while your daughter is sleeping, would it wake her? I really, really want to do a hang this year sometime.

It's hard to tell from the vid, is there room for amps and stuff so you could jam there?


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Nice little drum cave Tony.I have a new neighbor across the street,who complains about the "noise",so I guess I'll need to be insulating the room.

Very cool,thanks for sharing.:)

Steve B


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Nice one Tony. Hope you and the family had a good Xmas and New Year.

Were you a net minder before you were a drummer? Noticed the mask.


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Looking really good!

And comfortable. That is something that is often overlooked, I've seen some rehearsal spaces that look like jail cells.

To most people it's the same, I guess, but I like it when you can actually feel good in the practice room. Your place looks like a place where one would feel very comfortable playing / practising / zoning out.

Nice one!


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Cool stuff. Do you have any sound proofing for the room?

(And go Knicks even though they're a bunch of knuckleheads).


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I enjoyed that...the TVs are important...for instance so one can watch wild card weekend football when in the drum room.

good thread...

keep it simple

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Well, knock me down & call me an idiot! I've only just realised, after all this time, who you really are (I assume I'm not meant to utter your name?). Only when I viewed the video did the light bulb go off in my head. Stupid stupid Andy!

Welcome back (belated) erm - Tony ;)

Love the room, especially the shelf. Inspired storage solution & great visual feast all in one package! Loving the art work too, especially your dog picture :)

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Wonderful drum room Tony, I love all the kits and the paintings :)

I envy you now... in France I had a drum room in the basement, I could play whenever I wanted to... now in the UK, I do not have a drum room... I'm missing it like mad... I'll have to find some place to rent for practicing... there's nothing like having your drum room under the same roof.

Right, back to my moongel practice pad... exciting time :)


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Awesome. So glad you posted this. The only thing missing is me hiding in the corner, hoping you don't notice that I've moved in when you weren't paying attention. Those Gretsch kits look great on the shelf like that!

I really miss having a drum room. I haven't for years. I don't really get to practice at home outside of working on the pad. I am intrigued by that DW practice kit. I may have to look into one of those. I had some of the drum silencer pads on my old kit but they stained one of my cymbals something awful and now I'm just afraid to put them on anywhere near my good drums.

I bet it's a beautiful atmosphere to woodshed in such beautiful surroundings. Would love to hang some time, my man.


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I'm surprised you were able to have it connected to the main house and still get the sound proofing to an acceptable level.

And yes, watching football from the drum room. I'm doing that now! lol.


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hahahaha.....me too

the second game today should be a banger

did you catch that Chiefs - Colts game yesterday?..... bananas
Oh yeah, I watched the whole thing. Craziest game ever!!

And of course I'll be watching the 2nd game today. I was born and raised in San Francisco.


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Awesome room. And with it isolated all you need is a few OC703 bats on the walls and ceiling to tame it a bit. Or I could send you the dimensions for the RPG diffusor I built that is behind my kit. Tames the snare without sounding dull.

Totally jealous of those great Gretsch kits too. How do you think the Brooklyn compares to the Renowns?