Drum microphones


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I would like to purchase a set of decent (read not too expensive) drum mics for use in my band's practice room. Here is some additional background info:

1. Room size is small - 12' X 12'
2. My kit is a 7-piece Yamaha Tour custom
3. Other sound sources - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
4. I have an Alesis 12-channel mixer that is connected to my Mac via firewire
5. I use logic express for recording

The objective of recording is only to put together rough demo's or samples or our music. I understand that based on the room size etc., sound from the bass, vocal, and guitar amps will bleed into the drum mics. This OK, for now.

I also want to be able to use the drum mics for gigs.


thanks in advance!!


Focus on getting a decent pair of overheads and a bass drum mic.

At this point, I would consider a pair of AKG C1000's or Rode NT5's as relatively inexpensive, but well-made and sonically reliable overheads. I have a pair of C1000's I use on a lot of projects and they've always served me well. As far as bass drum mics go, I would suggest something like a Sure Beta 52 or an AKG D112. For something less neutral, an Audix D6 is good.

Really, you can't go too wrong if you buy mics separately and pay attention. I wouldn't buy a set - I usually find those kinds of sets lack quality or lack in another area. Remember that your overheads are the most important mics on the kit and will provide about 75% of your overall kit sound - the rest is just for reinforcement of the overheads.


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Cheap? Single SM57 in front of the kit. You'd be surprised how good mono can sound lol.

Anyways, I personally I do not recommend NT5, or any of the NTs. They're ridiculously bright and in a smaller space they start to squeal. They're good no doubt, but have a lot of high ends, and in a smaller room, those echoes will build up like crazy.

Decent = SM57, M179, and AT3035 or AT2020 (LDC).

I personally run AT3035s as overheads. They pick up everything just fine.