drum kit with a black finish?


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wether its piano, natural, glitter or whatever have you, do you like drum kits with a black finish? do you own a black set? have you in the past? why or why dont you like it? curious...


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I have three black snare drums, One is a wrap and the others are stained maple.
I have a black Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit.
I have a kit with an all black wrapped Pearl bass drum that is combined with ddrum blue to black fade toms. 3/4 of the toms are black including the bottom hoops. The top hoops are blue.
The blue to black is really sharp looking! I had to have the toms the moment that I saw them on eBay.

I like my black kits and snare drums. I think that they go with everything like a black suit and shoes. Black is elegant, Women wear "Little Black Dresses" To impress.
My black snare drums go well with my red wrapped kit and my rosewood stain finished kit also.
White coated heads also contrast well with black drums.
Black chrome hoops and lugs are also a fav of mine.
Bright stage lighting really enhances black.
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I used to have a Piano Black kit, and now I have a Ludwig Black Beauty, If I'was going to get a new kit in black, it would be a Black Sparkle or Black Glitter


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At the time I bought my drums, I wanted a green set, because green is my favorite color. However, the shop where I ordered them was out of stock of the green finish and the drum department salesperson said I could walk out the door with a set of black ones that day. I looked at the finish - more of a translucent black with grain showing through that changed colors depending on the lighting - and was impressed enough to get them. I have gigged with them in all sorts of environments, from hard rock in bars to church gigs to pit musicals, and they are simple, dignified, and unobtrusive.


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In the color spectrum black to me is as interesting as clear. With all of the other colors and finished available, black would be the last of my choices.


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black isn't a bad color to have and just about everybody does. i think that's why more people lean towards glitters and weirder combos and fades. nobody wants to look like every other guy out there. i almost got a black kit because i love black and i do think it goes with just about everything and a real deep gloss black looks killer. but looking around threw craigslist and ebay it was like 100 to 1 black kits vs. another color. it became boring looking at the finishes. then i found this real deep transparent blood red. still a lot of people have red but i didn't see many with that color, most were metallic or wraps and every second i looked at it i liked it more and more. i ended up with that color and don't regret it one bit.

actually i do. every time i look for an add on drum they have every other color but mine. but that's it.........


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As I was reading and posting on this thread my new Sonor 14x5.5 Special Edition Piano Black 9 ply maple snare with 2.3mm power hoops just arrived.
It came in a brown truck though!
My gift to me this year.


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I have a black set of Yamaha Maple Customs with the gold lugs. Looks good any place, any time, any occasion.


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Black is OK. Doesn't really do it for me. Black glitter is a big improvement.
Not the worst color to have though.


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Oddly enough, I've never owned a black kit and I'm up to my eleventh kit (now own only 2 not counting V-drums). I love black but it just never happened. I think black sparkles are beautiful but I also like straight black. I've owned several white kits though.

I'm still young(ish) so who knows, there may be a black kit in my future!


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I have a 1980s Sonor Performer kit in glossy black (six ply beech with rounded bearings). They are somewhat rare - I bought it used so I didn't have too much choice about the color. I think they look quite nice and as some others have said, black is elegant and matches most any occasion.

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john gerrard

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I guess that I'm the odd guy out here. I've had three black kits and really didn't like them. Thay are like a black car,they look great when all cleaned up but you just can't keep them looking nice. They show every litle bit of dust and every fingerprint and smudge. My favorite would be a WMP kit I think they are the ultimate classy looking kit. Think Krupa and Rich. John


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I've had the same black kit for 25 years. Many colors come an go but black is pretty much in regardless of the era.

The original configuration



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Not a big fan of solid color kits myself,I have a Black Lud s/l kit.I think the deep gloss piano Lacquer kits look good esp with gold hardware,and I loved the Premier projectors in black Lacquer with the long lugs,the high ratio of chrome really makes the black look lustrous , but like someone said they show dirt, dust and scratches like a badge of honor.I do however really like the black finishes with sparkles and glitters in them,a few years Tama did a limited edition black to purple sparkle fade that I just loved.