Drum instructors in Boston area?


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Hello fellow drummers,

I've just relocated from California to the Boston, MA area and am looking for someone to study with. I've been playing for 15 years, with a mostly jazz/r&b background. I haven't studied with anyone (formally) since I was a teenager, but have been wanting to for a long time. Options were limited where I was living, but I figure there have to be some great teachers in this area. (assuming they are accepting students!)

Would appreciate any recommendations and/or contact info you might have for them. Thanks so much!

Anthony Amodeo

many great players and and teachers in the Boston area

try seeking out Ralph Peterson

awesome teacher and player

he may be pricey but just a few lessons I'm sure would give you the kick in the tail you seek


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Lots of great instructors here. Many Berklee professors do private instruction. One that I know of is Sergio Bellotti who also owns a local drum shop, 247drums. Check out the shop, talk to Sergio. He's super nice and helpful, and even if he's not taking new students (don't know), he may have some good suggestions.

Jeff Almeyda

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You are in luck. As previous posters have mentioned, there are plenty of great teachers in Boston.

Definitely check out Ralph and definitely check out Berklee's instructor list. I took about 10 private lessons with Mike Mangini a few years ago there. Amazing.


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Thanks a lot, guys. I'll look into all of those options, and hopefully be studying with someone soon :)


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I took some lessons with Casey Schurell (Berklee prof) in a summer workshop and they were amazing, check him out!


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I lived a year in Medford (right outside of Boston) and took lessons from a guy called Frank Sarcia (http://www.atomicdrums.com/) and was very happy with the lessons. Frank is not only a great educator but also one of the nicest people I've ever met! He has a ton of material for his students, I still go back to the material his given me! I bet the first lesson is free, so you have nothing to loose if you go and check him out. Also very reasonably priced, if I remember correctly!

If you contact him, please tell him that Oskar from Finland says hi, and that I still have his copy of Syncopation!


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Hey there. I teach at Boston Drum Center and also at my home studio on the North Shore.
You are indeed in the right town for drum instruction as you have John Ramsay (Berklee Perc Chair) who teaches at his home studio(Alan Dawson's old house!) on the weekends. Dave DiCenso is currently on sabbatical from Berklee I believe but isn't far away in Southern NH. At Boston Drum there's also Jerome Dupree (Morphine) for one-off lessons as well as Dave Mattacks for one-offs as well.
Feel free to drop me a line at pieplaysdrums@gmail.com or try bostondrum.com for contact info there. Best, Pie