Drum hoop question


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I need to replace the 10" 5 lug hoop on my Sonor S-Class Pro tom as it seems damaged in a couple of places like it has been dropped, and doesn't sit very true if I put it on something flat. I have no idea if the original is 1.6 or 2.3mm - is that literally the thickness of the metal all round or is it the width of the flange or?

I can only find 2.3mm 10" 5 lug hoops, they are the Gibraltar ones:

Gibraltar SC-1005TT

But I've no idea if mine is 2.3" - and it would seem weird to me having 1 hoop 2.3mm and the rest 1.6mm..



"Uncle Larry"
2.3's are a better hoop than the 1.6's. Not that you'd hear a drastic difference anyway. You'll be fine w/ a 2.3, that's probably what's on there now, but don't hold me to that.


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I think you're right; they just seem that bit more heavy duty than the ones on my Premier XPK. Thanks Larry.