Drum groove based app.


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hmmm.....okay, I'll try it.....let's say I was looking for a 5/4 swing beat. What I believe you are suggesting is that I could use your app, look up 5/4 swing beat, and find examples of it that I could download. Okay, interesting enough.....

Let's say I'm a drummer. And let's say I wanted to upload a 5/4 beat. Would I then upload it myself and label it for consumption? Reason I ask is, what happens if I'm a drummer that really isn't 100% sure that I made a 5/4 beat even though I labeled it that way? If I upload a beat that isn't 5/4 but gets there through improper labeling or uploading, how will the app handle that? Will it fix it by reading it and correcting the labeling mistake? That would mean it would probably have to be a pretty advanced piece of analytical software.

I guess the other thing would be: how do I, the end user, benefit from having 50,000+ uploads of a 4/4 beat? Would there be much to gain having so many?
Would tempos be considered? Another can of worms. Accents? Ghost notes? How detailed would each file's labeling be? And verifiable? I mean, think of the Purdie Shuffle section.....oh man.....not only a frightening idea to program something that would recognize it, but even more frightening would be going through 10,000 "versions" of the Purdie Shuffle that people would undoubtedly upload without it really actually being "it".

I think, if something like this was done in a way where things could be analyzed and labeled by the software, it might help take the load off, but I really don't see how letting people upload stuff without checks and balances would work. I think it would be anarchy.

I understand that not everybody would play a beat the same, even if it's essentially the same beat. But I don't see the benefit of having software that can't guarantee through some form of detection that the beat that I'm hearing is the same thing as what is listed.

Now, if it was something like a beat seeker.....let's say I go to your site/app and I want to see or hear examples of a 4/4 beat. I click on one of the links [or whatever] and it takes me to an example of a 4/4 beat played by someone that exists on the internet somewhere already, or even better, takes me to an example that you have stored in your app's database. Again, lots of programming, but if the user-uploadable aspect was taken out, it might be a more coherent thing for learning and less of a zoo trying to find what you're looking for.

I don't know....or maybe my coffee's too strong this morning....I like the concept of a pattern database. I think it would be cool. Heck, maybe it even already exists. Maybe you made it. I don't know. I DO know that I need another cup o' joe.


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Only problem I see is that if I have an idea that I think is worth uploading, I'm gonna keep it for one of my other projects. I'm definitely not giving it away. Not trying to be rude, but this idea seems a little like looking for drummer hand-outs or freebees. But maybe you have something in place that I missed that provides some incentive to drummers to put up their best work and/or ideas.
That's a fair point you've raised Mike and copyright is always a concern regarding original material. With that being said, no one is asking or forcing you to upload the "magnum opus" drum beat of your career, nor is that the target objective of the app. The same can be said in that case for youtube and with that, I think you've missed the point.

You can look at the idea for the app from whatever angle you like. Given the right layout and categorically archived ideas or lessons even, it could be a brilliant tool for teaching kids to play musically and with feel. Or little more than a plot to scab beats off other drummers, as that's what seems to have come across.
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Only problem I see is that if I have an idea that I think is worth uploading, I'm gonna keep it for one of my other projects. I'm definitely not giving it away. Not trying to be rude, but this idea seems a little like looking for drummer hand-outs or freebees. But maybe you have something in place that I missed that provides some incentive to drummers to put up their best work and/or ideas.

Could you imagine 30-whatever years ago if this were in place and Steve Gadd threw up 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and someone downloaded his beat and cashed in on it somehow?

Basically, I think you need to respect and protect the intellectual property that your asking for.


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Thanks Kalma!

For sure, places like youtube in particular really are an infinite realm for the sort of thing I'm talking about. Soundcloud, with my understand and experience, is a good resource, but used far more commonly for Solo artists, DJ's and bands as opposed to individual drum sections or grooves... BUT, I haven't delved very deeply into soundcloud.

I guess really, the bulk of the idea was to have drummers from all over uploading snippets and grooves to one large and easily accessible base that can be either downloaded or learned through tab. A platform dedicated entirely to the playing of drums.

I speak for myself here when I say I think it could be a very valuable tool to be able to sift through thousands of different styles and artists for reference and ideas in only moments instead of searching and trawling through a platform like youtube or soundcloud.
Not to mention, the advertising on youtube is killing my soul lately! Haha.

In the end, I think youtube may be the best tool for something like this right now, but it's not quite ideal yet...

David Floegel

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Welcome! :)

Hm... Sounds interesting and could be cool, but:
Aren't there already communities like that?
soundcloud, box.net, youtube ?

Of course they don't have a functionallity to add attachments to download etc, but I think basically your idea is the same


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Hey there guys, so this is my first post and with it I'd to pitch an idea to you. I'm not sure whether this topic has been discussed anywhere before. However, I had this idea that came to me yesterday, just after I'd announced to my brother that I was going to play drums in the garage, I was in need of an "instant groove".

Idea: Instagroove.

If you guys are anything like me, if we all had a dollar for every drum video we'd ever watched... well, it goes without saying. Rich men.

I want to know what you guys would think if an application (mac or iPhone) existed like the trending and extremely popular photography based iPhone application, "Instagram"?
In which, instead of sharing photo's with each other and the rest of the world, users both amateur and professional would create unique profiles to upload their drum grooves, phrases, solo's... Whatever!

Perhaps using a metronome built into the interface, drummers could record beats and grooves and upload them to specific categories of time signature and genre, for example:

- Rock
- Latin
- Jazz
- Metal
- Drum and Bass

...and so on and so forth, with the choice to also attach downloadable content, for instance, simple tablature for sticking, or even making the beat downloadable as an .mp3 for a loop.
Going a little further in depth, exclusive sections for ideas like "gospel chops" or "breakdowns" would be interesting to have and popular as well I would like to think.

Profiles could include information on the drummer themselves, town or state they live in, what band they are in, whether they're in a band or not or if they're actively seeking members.


I understand I'm not the most technical savvy person by a long shot and iPhone and mac microphones aren't the most powerful/reliable mediums to record with, but I thought having a tool like this to bring the entire drumming world a little closer together instead of trawling youtube for hours at a time seemed pretty neat.
I'm not entirely sure what would work better, having an application like this or being able to access a youtube channel of this nature where people have the chance to subscribe to their favourite contributors/artists?

What are your opinions on all of this guys?

Do you think you would use something like this yourself to upload and be a part of or even just listen to other peoples ideas?

Or has this been little more than a trailing rant that wouldn't really benefit anyone or anything? :/